Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have been in and out of college for years until I decided that what I really wanted was to be a massage therapist. I could educate people about their bodies; helping them achieve their physical goals and being a healer at the same time. There is no better feeling than "fixing" someone, relieving them of pain & improving the quality of their life. I know this may sound sappy, but to have the insight and intuition to heal with your hands is an amazing gift. I'm willing to risk sounding conceited when I say that I'm pretty good, amazing even. Well, to each his own... :)

I don't like the spa atmosphere. Fussy big shots who feel a sense of entitlement aren't my kind of people. After 3 years of being in this field, I now work and 2 different Doctors' offices, no more spas. I really like it, but my body cant keep up. Its only been 3 years and I hurt all the time- not just after 7 hours of straight massage, but even on my days off now. I'm always hurting & tired. I don't want to do this for the rest of my life- I cant imagine what I will feel like 10 years from now. Sooo... Ive decided to go back to school to get my RN!!

I think that with nursing, I will feel that same sense of accomplishment at the end of my work day that I do in the doctor's office, probably even more so. All the bad things about massage (no benefits, contract labor, spas, tips, ect.) don't exist in hospitals. So, I'm pretty excited about that.

This is my first semester back to school in like 5 years. Its taking some adjusting.

I did need to rant for a minute about text books. Seriously. My math class requires us to have the 8th edition of the text book- I swear, the only thing different about this one versus the seventh edition is that they changed the cover from a picture of a flower to a fish. They get to charge me $170 for this novelty. How much math changes in a semester?? Apparently so much that they need to replace an entire text book. Who is it that is making these decisions to rip off poor college kids? And why are the colleges in cahoots with this person? Are they not making enough off the tuition itself? I'm not a fool, I'm not paying that.

I went on and found a paperback used copy for $22.

In other news-

Steve will apply to the Austin Fire Academy in December! He is so excited for this, and I'm so excited that he has found what he wants to do! He will graduate in May with his business management degree, and then we can figure out what the plan is once we know the outcome of the application. Keep your fingers crossed for him! Its super competitive in Austin. Average number of applicants is about 3000 (yes, that's three zeros behind that 3) and they take roughly 100 from that group. They test mostly personality and character in a super long, hand written test with essay questions. I'll have him double up on his adderall that day :)

I'm not expecting anyone to have made it though this long update, but if so, you are more loyal than I had anticipated.