Monday, February 14, 2011


I cant believe we got snow in Austin!! Don't laugh Utah readers, but this is really the MOST snow I've EVER seen in Austin. The whole town shuts down and this is why- we don't have road plowers. I passed 2 cars in the ditch on my 3 mile drive to work. I got to work and we called and canceled all our patients for the day, and then on my way home, I did a 360! It was really scary, but no cars were around, and it was in slow motion, so I was okay. It was fun to have a snow day- Steve called in sick. Later that day it got up to the 50s and was really sunny. It was short lived, but definitely exciting.

Okay, I have to be that annoying wife for a minute that brags about her husband. We both have class on Valentines night, so we celebrated on Saturday. He woke me up with breakfast in bed, heart-shaped french toast. So sweet!! Then, he had gotten a couple of canvas' (he knows I love to paint!) and had us paint something that represented 'us'. Isn't he so creative??

He decided to paint the gazebo that he proposed to me in. (Awwww) Its not finished, but here is what he has so far...
I wanted to paint the Manti temple which is where we were married.

After that, he set up my massage table and gave me a 90 minute massage! For someone who isn't a massage therapist, that is a really long time!! We later went to SUZI'S for sushi, it was so good- I think we found our new favorite restaurant.

He is so great and I love him dearly. Thanks baby for a wonderful Valentines Day!!