Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Master cleanse day 3

Today was pretty rough. You know when you get so hungry that you start to get in a really bad mood and super irritable? Thats the feeling I've had all day! The grumpiness started last night and hasn't left yet. I think I may have not added enough maple syrup (which has all the calories) to my lemonade today, so I was pretty low on energy too. I've lost 5 lbs so far, which might all be water weight, but 5 lbs is 5 lbs, right? I thought about maybe finishing the cleanse with juices and broth instead of lemonade, but I'm staying strong with the lemonade as of tonight, I'll let you know how tomorrow goes.
During my cleanse, I am taking a break from the gym. This is tough because thats where I spend most my evenings after work, now I have to keep occupied at home without using up too many calories. I hope tomorrow is better!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Master Cleanser Day 2

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the master cleanse aka lemonade diet, but basically it consists of pure maple syrup, fresh lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. You cant eat anything, youre only allowed the lemonade and water. Its a great way to wash toxins out of your body and to promote a healthier diet after the cleanse. I am going for 10 days which is the recommended minimum time. This is my 2nd day and I'm feeling pretty good. Yesterday my energy was down, but today its up above normal. I havent been too hungry, if I do get hungry, I just drink more lemonade. I dont know if its the cleanse or the lack of chewing, but the clicking in my jaw is completely gone. I have never been a victim of headaches, but this cleanse has a list of benefits, the major one being a reduction or total elimination of headaches and migraines. Check out the book if you havent heard of it, and if you have done this, let me know how it went...I think I'll need some encouragement through my 10 days. I'll post my progress and maybe some before & after pics.