Monday, April 27, 2009

The puppies are here!

Lucy's puppies came right on time Saturday night. She was such a little trooper! She has a helathy boy and girl who were just 15 minutes apart. They are so cute and are growing so fast! Lucy is a great little mommy who hates to be away from her pups.

We are leaving for Utah tomorrow to pick up Lydia from school and to help her drive back home. We're excited to see everyone!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a really great Easter Sunday. My family came up and had dinner at our place, so the cooking was up to me and Steve! I made a Thai coconut shrimp soup that turned out SO good, and Steve made Teriyaki chicken that was delicious. My mom brought some fried rice, so all togehter, it went really well!
After dinner we went to the park down the street and all took naps under the trees- it was such a nice day! Dalton and I attempted to fly kites with no such luck :/

We found out that Lucy is pregnant! She's due in just 2 weeks, so I'll get some pictures of the puppies when they come. Will anyone be interested in a Schnoodle pup?? :)

Hope you all had a Happy Holiday!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Summer Plans

Sorry I am so lame and dont update my blog like all the rest of you!

We are coming to Utah just for a few days so we can help my little sister drive back to TX. I'm sad its not going to be a very long trip, we really wont be able to do or see a whole lot while we're there, but it will be nice to get away from work for a bit.
My job is going really well; I started a few months ago in a doctor's office working in the Physical Therapy department. I love what I do and the doctors that I work with, they are all so great!
Steve is loving school and doing very well. He has made A's in his last 3 classes, I'm so proud of him! School has been tough for him, and I'm so proud of his dedication to finishing his degree.
We are excited for conference this weekend, we go to my Aunt & Uncle's house and stay the night. The guys go to Priesthood while the gals stay home and watch chick flicks. Super fun, we look forward to it every 6 months!
I'll try and get some pics up soon!