Friday, April 3, 2009

Summer Plans

Sorry I am so lame and dont update my blog like all the rest of you!

We are coming to Utah just for a few days so we can help my little sister drive back to TX. I'm sad its not going to be a very long trip, we really wont be able to do or see a whole lot while we're there, but it will be nice to get away from work for a bit.
My job is going really well; I started a few months ago in a doctor's office working in the Physical Therapy department. I love what I do and the doctors that I work with, they are all so great!
Steve is loving school and doing very well. He has made A's in his last 3 classes, I'm so proud of him! School has been tough for him, and I'm so proud of his dedication to finishing his degree.
We are excited for conference this weekend, we go to my Aunt & Uncle's house and stay the night. The guys go to Priesthood while the gals stay home and watch chick flicks. Super fun, we look forward to it every 6 months!
I'll try and get some pics up soon!

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The Gardner's said...

yay for a utah trip! i cant wait to SLC it up with you guys too! it will be so much fun! i just love it when you guys come to visit! i really wish you guys still lived here! we miss you guys so much! not a day goes by where me and tyson dont say..."i wish steve and amy were here" we just love you guys! i am so happy to be your bf's! yay for bff!