Saturday, August 29, 2009

quick update!

Im so bad at blogging, sorry!

We are expecting a new house guest!! My sister Tawn was looking for an apartment just for 6 months- nobody will allow a 6 month lease, only 9 or 12. So, Steve and I offered her one of our rooms which will help all of us out. We can use some extra dollars each month and she will be able to save money and not have to worry about a lease. Win, win. :) She moves in Sept 1st, I'm excited for our late movie nights and added company for Lucy.

I've already started on my Christmas shopping- I'm pretty impressed with myself. Hopefully nobody will need to return anything, bc I think all the stores have a 90 day return period. oops!

I finished the Twilight series, finally!! Most people that have read it say they finished in a weekend- Its taken me 6 months! Its not that I'm slow, haha, I just dont get sucked into books to where I cant put it down. I'd read for a few hours and then put it down for a couple weeks... I'm pumped for New Moon to come out Nov 20th, you better believe I'll be @ the midnight showing! yipee!

Its still so freaking hot! I cant wait for Fall. I love Texas winters, they are like 60 degress! Today was about 102...eeek!


Jason, Missy and Madden Streiff said...

what?? Christmas shopping Amy??? lol! You just needed an excuse to shop didn't you! Post some pics would you??

Rachelle said...

I thought Tawn and Lydia were sharing a place?! That will be so fun! I loved it when Lena stayed at our place for the summer!