Monday, February 15, 2010

the latest fertility stuff

We started with a new fertility specialist in January and we really love him. He has such a great reputation around Austin, and I know so many women that have had quick success with him. I've done like 6 rounds of clomid and havent had any luck yet, so today I went and had an HSG x-ray done. Basically they squirt dye into my uterus and fallopian tubes to check for any blockages. Sounds pretty harmless, right? Wrong. Oh my gosh, so painful. I dont know if it was becasue of the pain or what, but I almost passed out. She sent the images over to my doctor, so I will call tomorrow and see what he has to say about them.

This has been quite an experience that we have had these last few years. We have been trying to start our family for almost 4 years. Sometimes I wonder why we have the trials that we do. Maybe they arent trials at all. Maybe its a blessing that Steve and I have had more time to grow and bond with one another, really learning everything and appreciating each small trait in eachother. Maybe Im suppossed to learn patience, or that this really isnt MY life, its the Lord's.

Sure do love you, babe! We've have had some great times just you and me-

We will make good parents one day, till then, we remain positive and happy, sometimes thats all you can do. We do appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that you all are sending our way. :) I'll try and keep our progress posted!


Loren & Brody said...

You WILL make good parents one day. You're blog "sounds" positive, but I can hear your pain as well. You know we're thinking about you and wish you speedy success as well. hugs and kisses!

mary.katherine said...

We LOVE you!

Annie said...

I'm sorry you guys have had such a rough time. Good luck with everything! You will have such a cute little mini Shumway!

leslie said...

you will make great parents someday! love you guys.