Sunday, October 24, 2010

Love my job

My boss (chiropractor) has networked with a lot of different bands & musicians for years and I was able to take advantage of that this week. I almost got to work on Robert Plant a couple of months ago, but it fell through. This past Friday my boss had me go to the Frank Erwin Center to work on the Gorillaz before their show! It was awesome being backstage & walking past the dressing rooms & music rooms all day, watching them rehearse & being there for the sound checks. Massaging them was just like working on anybody else, they are just normal people who have blemished skin & buy their underwear at old navy! :)
I was brave enough to ask for tickets to the show & surprisingly got floor seats for Steve, Dalton & me. So fun- its times like these that I just love my job!!


Leah Sannar said...

Where are MY tickets???

mary.katherine said...

Stevey looks skinny!! And you look beautiful--as always!