Sunday, January 15, 2012

Time marches on

I cant believe its been 3 months since our move, sheesh!

Steve is really enjoying his new job. I went with him to work the other day- I wasn't allowed out of the truck in the oil fields because I'm not down with steel toed boots and hard hats, so I took some nail polish and gave myself a mani in between riding to the different pumps.

I started my job at the hospital in ER registration and am enjoying it. I'll only be working a few nights per week so I have plenty of time for school. I started my classes last week, Physiology and Human Development. Liking them so far!

I got registered for my very first full MARATHON! I am doing well in my training so far- haven't walked once in all my miles. I may be whistling a different tune when it comes to running 30+ miles/week! April 21st is go time!

My older sister Tawn is here this weekend visiting from Colorado, so fun to see her!
My brother Dalton just passed his year mark in Chile, he is doing so well! I archive his letters and pictures in a blog, check it out at

Hope this update finds everyone happy and healthy!

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