Saturday, January 5, 2013

Adoption Journey

We are home study approved and just waiting for our background checks to clear.  We are so ready for this, so thrilled to begin this journey!  We've been so blessed with such supportive family members and friends while starting this process, thank you for your kind words and actions.

Our letter to birth parents;

Dear Friends,
We want you to know what great love and respect we have for you, and we know that this will be a noble sacrifice no matter what your decision is. We pray that you will have peace as you ponder the future for this child of great worth. We also wish for you to know of your own tremendous self-worth and how much your Heavenly Father loves you. He is aware of you and knows you personally by name. He knows the love you have for this precious baby; it’s the same unconditional love that He has for you. Steve and I have a deep faith that if you include Heavenly Father in this process, that you will make the best decision for you and this cherished soul.
Thank you for taking time to find out more about the our family. We have been trying to start our family for five years; these years have been filled with failed attempt after failed attempt and with those failures come our deepest heart aches and sorrows. Our dreams and excitement to have a baby and start a family does not end with our inability to get pregnant, it is through the sacrifice of selfless birth-parents that we could be blessed to reach our highest aspiration of becoming parents.


I first saw Steve in college while he was sitting on the back row of the Sunday school classroom; I’ll forever remember his cute smile as he rested his face in his hands. I was smitten right away by that face. We dated for 10 months and then were married in the Manti Temple in 2006. I initially fell in love with Steve’s tender heart and his chivalry. He is the guy that is friends with everyone and always has positive things to say about others. We love all things outdoors; Camping, swimming, boating & afternoon runs through the neighborhood with our dog.
We have very similar upbringings. We both come from families of 6, and are both second born out of four children. We are extremely close with our parents and siblings and see them often. Our families are ecstatic for our adoption journey. Not only will this precious child be our first, it will also be the first grandchild for my parents and for Steve’s parents and the first niece or nephew to 8 excited aunts and uncles. We anticipate the love and joy we will have as we await the arrival of our first little one
{Work & Education}
I was a Massage Therapist for 4 years and I had such a passion for aiding people in their healing that I decided to return to school for nursing. I now am back in school with the goal to receive my RN and become an OB nurse. I am currently working in the Emergency Room in registration familiarizing myself with the hospital. Once we are placed with a child, I will be home tending and raising our baby.


Amy has been the best companion; she is tender, caring and so patient with me. One example of her patience has been with my schooling. School was never easy for me and it took me many years to finally get my degree. Through those years Amy was so supportive while working two jobs as I worked and went to school full time, she did all that she could in order to help me achieve my goal of graduating. Amy has so much love and compassion; She is my sweetheart forever and blesses my life.
{Family goals}
Our situation is such that Amy will be able to be home with the children as we are able to adopt them into our family. Amy is looking forward to being a stay at home mom to be able to give full time love and attention to our children. I know that she will be a great, nurturing mother. I look forward to the day that I come home from work and the kids jump in my arms and we talk about their day with mom. We know that in order to have a successful family that we both need to be active and engaged in all aspects of parenting. We are excited for this opportunity to have a baby and the experiences that come as our family grows.
{Work & Education}
One of my personal goals that I have always had is to be able to provide a comfortable life for my wife and kids. I worked hard for my education even though it was not easy. After years of hard work I received my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I have been blessed with a career opportunity in an energy solutions company; I’m an Application Engineer and hope to have a long and prosperous career with this company.

Thank you again for taking the time to let us share a bit about ourselves, we pray, and hope the very best for you.


Dan and Heather said...

This is beautiful. You guys are amazing and I cant wait to see you two as parents. You are in our thoughts and prayers!!

Kirsten kohn said...

So excited for your journey of Adoption! I can tell you it's all worth it in the end! Much love and prayers being sent your way!