Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back to life

It was so much fun having the Shumways come visit. There was lots of driving, eating, and more driving. I hope they had a good time! BYU didnt do so good, so that was a downer, but UT made up for that.

Steve and I are having no fun getting back to real life. My work has been pretty slow with the economy going the way it is- Massages are the first thing to go when people start pinching pennies. I'm starting to look at other options, just until things start to pick up again. Steve's work thankfully is not affected- people will always be getting sick and need drugs!

I cant believe November is just around the corner, didnt we just have new years?!? Time goes by too fast- Steve and I have been married for 2 & 1/2 years already! I still feel like I'm 18 sometimes, but then my body has friendly ways of reminding me that thats not the case. Steve came home from his church meetings on Sunday, and told me that he had mentioned to the EQ president "It feels like we're just pretending to be adults with all this responsability, like someone older and more qualified will step in at any minute and take over." haha Well, I have a feeling that this thought will be running through our minds plenty of times over the next few years of 'adulthood'. Its really no fun paying a mortgage, being in debt, planning for retirement, ect. It does feel at times that I'm just playing house. I hope I grow up soon!! :)


The Gardner's said...

well i wish it was new years again and i knew then what i know now! alot of things would have been different! like possibly kidnapping you two and straping you down and throwing you scraps when i feel like it just so you guys wouldnt leave us! haha we miss you guys so much! I WANT MY BFF'S BACK!!!!

the jenkins said...

i've been trying to get on your blog since the funeral, but it keeps taking me to your old one... i'm glad you commented so that i can finally fix it:) it was fun to see you. are you coming for thanksgiving or chirstmas?

mary.katherine said...

Your title reminds me of that song "back to life, back to reality" by Soul II Soul.

Yeah, it's a classic.