Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Viva the Alamo

Yeay! Tyson and Ashley are coming for a visit! They called us a couple days ago with some great news- they scored a couple buddy passes and are coming this weekend all the way from Utah! We're gonna have so much fun- Alamo, here we come! lol I thought the above picture was appropriate. There are also some other great things that have come out of Texas, for those of you who dont know... Rattlesnakes, Bluebonnets, the Chainsaw Massacre, Mexican food, Walker the TEXAS Ranger aka: Chuck Norris, and of course, the Longhorn. Now you know why Texans are so prideful ;)
I did get a new calling in our ward- I am the 7 year old's primary teacher! I'm pretty excited about that, I love that age. I taught for the first time last week and I now know I'm going to have to be a little bit more stern. They seem like a good class though.
I'll post some pictures of our up coming week!


The Gardner's said...

LOVE IT! thank you for posting a new one! especially about us! we are so freaking excited. we are sitting here eating our take out food (not wendy's) and just saying that we wish it was saturday at 3:00 in the pm right now! alamo here we come...we dont have to see that guy on the horse right? he kinda scares me! i a little scared to come to texas...i'v lived a very sheltered life!

Annie said...

Isn't mexican food from mexico?? Hense the name "mexican". Ha ha! I used to teach the 8 year olds it was so fun!!

Steve & Amy Shumway said...

hahaha, i cant get anything past you! ;)