Monday, July 1, 2013

Nursery: complete

The past 8 weeks have been a dream. I seriously can't believe how blessed we have been.  I've been able to stay home with Sawyer and have absolutely LOVED it.  The middle of the night feedings can be exhausting, but one look at his little face and it brings a smile to mine.  He's becoming a lot more active and cries more than he did the first few weeks of his life, mostly just wanting to always be held. His requests are usually met immediately :)

His last doctor's appointment was when he was 5 weeks old and he weighed in at 7.7 lbs, so he's slowly gaining weight. He is happy and healthy!

I finally finished the nursery! Let me walk you through it and tell you about my favorite features:

You'll notice an awesome vintage Bambi quilt on the crib, as well as a little orange ribbon tied to the bottom right.
This quilt was Steve's baby quilt that was made by his mother and it certainly has had better days, which adds to the character.  I absolutely adore it, mostly because it was Steve's and made with love by Sawyer's grandma.
When we received Sawyer, his birth family put together an awesome gift basket and it was all tied together with orange ribbon.  I snipped off a piece and tied it here on Sawyer's crib.  Not only does this serve as a little piece of his birth family, but it also reminds us of the amazing gift that he is.

This was Steve's dresser while he was growing up, I wish I had the 'before' picture. It was just solid wood stained golden oak because, well, it was the 80s.  Steve's brother sanded it down for me and I painted it white with lime green trim and obviously kept the original drawer pulls, because they are darling. Its pretty fantastic, definitely my favorite piece.

Ferris wheel theme...

This bookshelf (and now also a changing table thanks to some craftsmanship) was a $20 DI find while shopping around with the moms and my SIL. Again, sanded down by Kyle and we painted it white.
And last but not least, this is the mirror that I redid and blogged about a few months ago.
What do you think??


jess said...

Adorable! I love it! And I love how you tied in sentimental and vintage pieces!

Rachelle said...

Love love love! You are so good at this decorating thing!