Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just a few things...

  • Sawyer is 11 weeks old today
  • He rolled over a few times when he was about 6 weeks old, but hasn't done it since.
  • He now sleeps soundlessly from 10pm till about 4:30am, and then (usually) just needs cuddles and a binky to put him back to sleep till breakfast at 7:00am. (Thank you Baby Wise)
  • He has the most adorable cry face. Sometimes I just have to let him cry for a sec so I can soak it in.
  • I cried painful tears when he got his 8 week set of shots
  • The first smile (that wasn't due to gas) was something I'll remember for the rest of my life. 
  • During the day, he is eating 5 oz every 4 hours 
  • He is in the .86 percentile for weight
  • Who is that 'percentile chart' based upon, anyway? Babies in the U.S.? Babies who are breastfed? Formula fed? Babies born in this century? All the babies that have ever been born?? 
  • I no longer judge parents who have screaming children.
  • Among others, these are a few questions that Steve and I no longer ask each other- "Who brings a baby to the movies?!" "Why would you bring your baby to this type of a restaurant??"  "Why are people with kids always late??"
  • Sawyer now coos and I swear there's nothing cuter.
  • I have a friend who gave me some laminated black & white printed designs (like polka-dots & checkerboards) to help Sawyer develop his eyesight. He never gets tired of staring at them. Sometimes Steve and I joke that he's thinking (in a nerdy, prestigious voice) "Hmmm...I really appreciate the artist of this piece."
  • There's not a day that passes that I'm not thankful for S & B. I still cannot fathom the sacrifice.
  • Someone recently asked me about Sawyer's "real parents" and it was a dagger to my heart.
  • I realize some are ignorant to adoption phrasing- I can do my part to educate those I come in contact with.
  • Flying alone with your child is something every parent should do. You'll never appreciate your spouse more.
  • Generally, people are good. So many offer their assistance when they see that I'm alone with an infant.
  • Sawyer absolutely knows and adores Steve. Sometimes I can't get the smiles out of him that Steve can.
  • Why is it that watching your baby sleep is so therapeutic?
  • Things that mattered before, simply don't anymore.
  • Its unreal the amount of people who stop and chat with me when they see Sawyer. He's definitely made me more popular during our weekly Walmart trips.
  • The first time we all got into the car (Steve, me, Sawyer & our dog Lucy) I thought to myself  "We're a legitimate family."
  • I anxiously await November 30, the day that we can be sealed together, forever.
  • Being a mother is the most important job that I will ever have. It will always be my first priority. I've never been more sleep deprived, and I've never been more fulfilled.

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