Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our Home

I meant to add these earlier, but these are a few pics of our place. I do have quite a bit more blogging to do, and a lot more pics to add of this past week with tys & ash, but I lost the dang cords to upload pictures! I'm so mad, so we'll have to go buy some new ones. Until then, I can only add pics that are already on my laptop, sorry! :/ More to come!! xoxo


The Gardner's said...

cute! i miss it already! find that dang cord...and i will try to find mine! hahah love you

Rick, Sarah and Jacob 3 & 1/2 said...

Amy, your place is so cute. Cant wait to find a place that we love too. Rentersville sucks!! I think I want to move to ownersville!! P.S. Love the high roller photo with the $1.00 bills. That's about how we roll these days too.


Annie said...

Cute house Shumway!

Misty said...

Your house looks SO cute! I am so jealous. :)

As for any secrets.. we have none. It took us a year and a half once we started trying. How long have you been trying? I was just about to go on clomid when I found out I was pregnant! Whew! lol

Good luck with everything!