Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So much to catch up on!

Sorry this is so past due, I was finally able to go out and get some new cords for my camera, so here goes the latest news! These came out backward, sorry- I'm still trying to figure out this tricky little blogger!
Everyone is posting pictures of their cute little babies, I was getting jealous, so I thought I'd take a picture of my precious baby while he was sleeping. Just look at him!! I just love him to pieces! He is everything to me, and I really dont know where or who I would be without his patience, unconditional love, and loyalty.
I really dont deserve him, but I will continue to try!
He is literally going to kill me when he sees that I posted that picture. I just had to, sorry baby. haha

Steve and I got Dalton a Coldplay ticket for his birthday, and then when we told Tawn & Lydia about it, and they wanted to come too! It was SOOO much fun! It was an awesome concert, plus my sides hurt all night from laughing with my freaking hilarious and weird family... we really are so crazy, I love it. Its fun now that we're getting older and age difference isnt much of a big deal- Dalton is 17 now, and Lydia is 20, I'm 23, Tawn is 25...we all have more in common now, its super fun being close with my family. And Steve just fits right in! I love that he really is just another member of the family. I know too many couples that that is not the case, its sad when in-laws dont get along.

Tyson and Ashley came and took a break from their busy lives in Utah for a whole week!! It was awesome...way too many stories for the ole' blog, but we had a great time. We went to the Temple in San Antonio, the Alamo, downtown Austin, and of course to tons of restaurants. I seriously gained 5 lbs. while they were here, no joke.

BFF! :-)

Its so great having friends that you dont have to stress about entertaining when they come to town- They were happy as a clam just hanging out with us around the house. We love them and are sad they live so far away :( Well, I guess its us that live so far away, since we're the ones who moved.


The Gardner's said...

wow that is a whole lot of catch up! im glad you finally got some cords for your camera! we had so much fun out there and we miss you guys lots! xoxo

the jenkins said...

i can't believe steve hasn't taken that picture off! that is so funny! we missed you guys at thanksgiving, but are excited to see you for christmas...(you're coming aren't you?)

Misty said...

I love the white trash costumes. You make one HOT White Trash Ladie! Ow, Ow!

Walter and Lynsi Hohmann said...

Hey Amy! It looks like you two are having way too much fun! :)

What's your address? Walt and I want to send ya'll a Christmas card!

Melissa (Missy) Eva Streiff said...

ha ha ha Amy I seriously started laughing that you said you didn't know people cut christmas trees that is so funny! lol! You better let me know if you are ever in Utah for a while!